Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rooollllllllll Tiiiiiidddddeee

Ok, sorry, couldn't help but gloat a little bit. Yea Alabama!!!! We had to record the game to watch when we got home. It was kinda funny, we had to stop by the Wal-mart in Cullman on the way home from Brandon's grandma's house today to get a few things and we were trying to get home without seeing or knowing the score...well, this lady in there saw Brandon's Alabama shirt and told him the score, he was a little irritated. He didn't want to stop anywhere else because he said he figured some one would have the score in shoe polish on their car window. I did talk him into stopping at Purple Onion for some much craved hummos dip and wild rice. So we made it home without knowing the final score.

Ok....about our was very uneventful. I cooked a 14 lb turkey, dressing, green beans and we had banana pudding and blueberry pie for dessert, all for the 2 of us, well 3 including Noah. He wasn't too impressed with it though, he ate spaghetti o's instead. He loves those!

Andrew is VERY VERY active. This next week I'll be 34 weeks. That is the goal the doctor set, but we are hoping with all we have and believing that I will carry him longer. Please pray that happens. We really don't want to deal with another child in the NICU. That is so painful seeing them on all the machines. When Noah was on the ventilator, our hearts just about broke dealing with that. But God got us through it and we believing the best for Andrew too.

Today we went to Cullman. Noah was actually a ham and very good. He was up about 9 hours and really impressed us. He did pitch a few fits when he got sleepy, like when he dropped his cookie and couldn't find it, he threw a tantrum and tried to pull his sock off in a fit of rage. It was quite funny. Everyone was frantically searching for the cookie to calm him down. It was finally found and all was good again. Takes so little to make children happy!

Well, I am worn out from the day. Tomorrow we are hoping to finally pick up the baby bed from my friend April. We are so unprepared. Maybe we can pull it together finally before Andrew arrives. ha.

Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving. Please remember to keep us in your prayers the next few weeks. We have a doc appointment on Tuesday with an ultrasound. I'm hoping Andrew is a little bigger and all goes good to get us through to another week, which will be 35 weeks!

We are so thankful for our good friends and family. I have some pics and videos I took the last few days, too tired to mess with it tonight, but will try to get to it really soon.

Love you guys,

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