Thursday, November 20, 2008

An Overall Good 39th Birthday!

First of all, let me thank you all for the birthday meant alot! I can't believe I'm 39. I wanted some crab cakes from Fox Valley for my birthday (what a pregnant birthday wish, huh?) so Brandon went by last night and got me some. OMG....they were EXACTLY what I wanted! I've been wanting them for a while, what an expensive thing to crave huh? We can't be getting those all the time. I do however have some birthday money that needs to be spent...maybe a little of it can get me some more crab cakes..haha. I'll have to buy something that I can show with the rest though, I hate to waste it on food.

I had an overall good day. We had our family Christmas picture made. I wish Noah had been more co-operative. He didn't really get a long enough nap and was kinda irritable! Hopefully we got a few good ones. I think we got some good ones of him by himself, thanks to the Christmas ornaments he liked, however he DID NOT do well for our family pictures. We'll have to wait a few weeks and see how they turned out.

The day didn't really go too well, but we persevered (hope I spelled that right) When we were bathing Noah, he slipped in the bathtub and hit his mouth and started bleeding. Thursdays aren't too good for this, since he hit his mouth last Thursday and bled everywhere too.

We barely made it on time to Kim's house...but like I said, you make do with what you got, right?

I work the next 3 days, not real excited about that. It'll be a rough weekend, BUT...then I'm off until the Friday week after Thanksgiving, so that'll make it worth it.

Noah has been eating the mess out of some spaghetti O's. He's got a decreased appetite since he turned one, so we'll take what we can get. He'll eat the veggies too, if we mix it. I'm happy with that. He's finally started to gain some weight, he's getting a little chubby. I really pray that he has Brandon's genes and not mine. If not, he'll be big as a house like me.

Well, it's bedtime and Andrew of course just woke up and is kicking and wiggling all around. He loves to keep me up at night, guess he's trying to prepare me for the many more sleepless nights I'll get when he arrives.

Love you all,

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Jenn said...

I didn't forget!

Happy Birthday!