Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tuesdays Doctor Visit

Well, todays (Tuesdays) visit was a little better than lastThursdays. My BP was down about 2 points, I guess a little is better than none, right? The results from the 24 hour urine test wasn't back of course. That is the one that will tell us more, so maybe Wednesday we'll find out more. I had to take Noah with me, he is sick again with another bad cold. And I didn't have anyone else to watch him for me. It was not a good day to be getting my BP checked and dealing with him grouchy and sleepy and sick. When he screams in a doctors office, my BP is not normal. But I got over it. Poor thing can't seem to stay well these days. Last night (Tuesday night) Noah had a 103 fever. This is as high a temperature that he's ever had so we were a little freaked out and called after hours nursing.

So hence the reason I'm up at 4am. It was time for some more motrin and benadryl so that baby can breathe a little better. Brandon took the midnight Tylenol dose since he has to work today.

When he is sick, his little eyes just melt my heart. They look so pitiful. I love that baby so much and wish I could take that away. But I have to admit, I do enjoy the cuddling I get when he is sick. It's about the ONLY time you can hold him and he is still and not trying to run in 40 different directions playing or eating cheerios.

So Wednesday morning sometime I will call Greenvale and see if they can see him and we can get the little man well. Hopefully he will get better then!

Anyways, I think Noah is back asleep now, and it is 4:30 so I'm headed back to bed to get what few hours of additional sleep that I can.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Is anyone even reading this thing? Or am I wasting my time here? Please let me know.



AngelGirl said...

i am reading it!!!! i'm sorry your little man is sick! :( but i understand the snuggly part, too. MAC went throught that phase...but now he is an EXCELLENT snuggler! he even asks ME to snuggle ;)

The Butlers said...

Glad it's getting read. I tried to comment you back the other day but it wouldn't let me for some reason. Hope your doc appt went well! Love ya!

Rachel said...

Of course we are reading this. The next time you are at work remind me and I have those baby clothes in my car.

Jenn said...

I hope precious Noah is all better soon!

Take care and keep baby number two all nestled and snug inside!

Lili said...

I'm reading it for sure! If you have a place to check blog stats it will tell you how many hits you've been getting (not sure how different it is from WordPress). Hope Noah is feeling better soon...take care of yourself! Jowanna