Thursday, November 13, 2008

Liking this Blog thingy

Well, I'm really starting to like this blogging thing. I can post once instead of a million emails to everyone to update. Plus my brother in Sweden can see it too! (HEY Tom & Asa!!!)

Noah is starting to feel better. The doctor's office didn't make us come in yesterday, they called us in an antibiotic. I was so glad we didn't have to go sit up there and wait.

Yesterday he kept saying ma, ma, ma, ma, maaaaaa. Then he'd get up in my lap and just sit there and stare at me. I wish I knew what he was thinking sometimes. Then he'd lean in and give me kisses for no reason. That just melted my heart. He has never done that without us making kissing sounds or asking for sugar. Of course, I couldn't get ANYTHING done since he just wanted to sit in my lap all day, but you know what? That is ok. Life it too short not to just do nothing sometimes. I enjoyed all the loving and slobbery kisses, and even the boogers (ewww) because it meant I got to spend quality time with my little man.

Hope everyone has a great day. My parents are coming up this afternoon until Sunday. They are so excited to see Noah, it's been a whole month and they are going nuts. (they dont' care about seeing us, just him, haha) They are going to keep him and spend tomorrow with him while I work.

I go back to the doctor Monday afternoon, will probably just update then unless I get some really good pictures or info. We are going to TRY to work on Andrews room the weekend, since we've been such slackers. Mom and I will be out some Saturday picking up necessities for Andrew.

Have a wonderful, blessed, weekend.

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