Friday, November 7, 2008

Doctor's Visit

Well, didn't quite get the news I had hoped for yesterday at the doctor's appointment. After having a stress test on the baby and waiting for 2 hours to get it, I saw the doctor. Andrew is fine, they made him really mad jiggling him all around to make wake him up...feet were kicking EVERYWHERE. They say the goal is to raise their heart rate 15 beats, wellllll...Andrews went from 140 to 188 he was so mad. Looks like we'll have another stubborn little guy on our hands..

Of course, my blood pressure is cutting up again. As most of you know, we had Noah at 33 weeks. The doctor said we will probably be lucky if I get to 33 weeks this time. So I have to pee in a jug for 24 hours, take it back on Monday and see what the protein numbers are. I'm fully expecting him to probably put me on limited bedrest and start steroid shots. Until then, I have a stomach virus that Brandon brought home and missed work today and Saturday...ugh...I'm trying to take it easy and stay calm and just believe that God will look out for us and Andrew. We were really praying to not have a long stay in the NICU this time around. But we can handle whatever is thrown our way. Please pray that I can carry this one as long as possible.

Have a wonderful day!

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AngelGirl said...

BOOOOOO! for 24 hr urine tests!!! haha!!! i MIGHT have to another one this upcoming wknd. i will keep you guys in my prayers. we love you!