Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nothing too interesting!

Hello everyone!
Had a very relaxing weekend with my parents here. They are so wonderful! It's always good for them to visit. Me and mom went shopping Saturday for a few hours and got most of the "necessities" that were left for Andrew's room. We were going to buy the changing table, but of course they were out of them. Will try to get it this week.

I went back to the doctor Monday afternoon (and had another wonderful 3 hour wait). The ultrasound lady broke her foot and they are using fill ins and I tell you what, that wait is getting pretty old. Surprisingly though, my blood pressure was decent. Still have protein in my urine, so not an A on the report, BUT...at least it buys us another week. He said we are just going to take it week by week and see what happens. Andrew was a wiggle worm on the ultrasound, and they estimate his weight right now at a little over 3 pounds. So all is looking good. This week I'll be 31 weeks, so we're coming right along.

I'm going to go buy the stuff to cook a Thanksgiving meal for Brandon and I on Thursday. I can't imagine not having turkey and dressing at least, and since I can't travel right now, I won't get to my family Thanksgiving meal. I look forward to that every year...BUT NEXT YEAR! I'll be there with Brandon and the boys, so that will be exciting. It's like a big family reunion and the only time I see alot of my huge family.

We worked on cleaning out Andrews room Sunday after my parents left, and actually got quite a bit done. We now have to get in touch with my friend April and get the bed. I think we'll both feel better once we get that here.

Well, I'll post again tomorrow or the next day and try to get more pics on here. I found an old pic on aol pictures that I didn't even know I had anymore. I took it a long time ago of the bayou behind my Aunt Janet and Uncle Buddy's house. My family lives on the bayou in MS. That's where I grew up. It was a nice surprise that it was even in aol pictures, since it's about 8 years old or so. It's so peaceful to me! Enjoy!

Love you guys!


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Christi said...

I see you found my blog. I started one after seeing yours. This is pretty neat because you can post and people can read if or when they want. How did you get the ticker thingy to work. I tried and it said the link has illegal characters. Let me know the secret!!