Friday, January 22, 2010

Last one

Ok, here are a few updates of the kids. Andrew now has 4 teeth. He's taking a few steps but nothing major. He's real close to walking, he just really has no desire....He eats ANYTHING you put in front of him, even stuff like cole slaw, etc. He is so sweet and loving. He thinks Noah hung the moon and lights up when he sees him. Wish Noah felt the same..

As far as Noah goes, he is putting together lots of sentences now. He thinks he is grown. He brings us a pot and asks us if we want some soup. His eating habits are horrible. There is very little that kid will eat. He likes to go around saying "I'm mean when he does something bad" we tell him, no be nice, he'll say ok, i'm nice. He is very rough with his brother and has almost knocked his front tooth out a couple of times.

They play really well together most of the time, but it normally ends up with Andrew getting hurt. Noah sleeps with 5 or 6 stuffed animals and 3 blankets. He loves stuffed animals. They all have names and if you mention one, he knows which you are talking about.

Hope you guys enjoyed the updates, sorry for the bombardment!

New Haircuts

Mom had Noah for a week while Brandon had to go to Chicago for business and my cousin cut his hair, it's real short but it's cute. This was Noah's 10th haircut or so at 2 years old....and even crazier, this was Andrews 4th haircut at 1. Crazy isn't it?


Christmas was real rough because of Max. The kids were so excited to open their presents and it made getting through the day easier. Noah has really gotten into ripping off wrapping paper, it's so cute. Noah got a medical kit and likes to practice on Andrew, it's so funny!

Andrews Birthday

Well, we didn't have Andrew an official birthday this year. I think next year we are going to combine them and have one party in November in between both of their birthdays. Andrew will always get jipped if we don't because his birthday is December 19th. We just can't get everyone together twice, it's hard enough doing it once. We feel like bad parents, but he did have a cupcake and we'll make up for it next year.


Most of you guys know that we had to have our dog Max put to sleep 2 days before Christmas. This was the hardest thing I think I've ever had to do. We miss him so much. It's been a month and it seems like forever. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was beginning to suffer. On the day we were taking him, we fed him many chicken strips, gave him lots of love and told Noah he was going bye bye. So Noah got down on the floor and gave him a hug and a few kisses and told him "love you" and bye. We buryed Max in our backyard. Christmas was rough without him begging for the ham, but deep down we know we did the right thing no matter how much it hurt us. Noah now has a stuffed animal about the size of Max and colors of Max that mom gave him, he named him Max of course and carries him around the house. Kids are so resilient. RIP Max, we miss you

playing together

I love to watch the boys play together. It's cute when it happens. We visited Maw Maw and Paw Paw in November while we got laminate floors put down. We LOVE them.

Noah's 2nd Birthday

These are not in any order as they should be, I'm just happy to be updating...Noah had a Madagascar 2 themed birthday party. It turned out cute I thought...


For Halloween, Andrew was a horse and Noah was a skeleton. It was fun trick or treating with Noah, he wouldn't let go of his candy since he never gets that much at once. ha. Noah is really attached to "Mr. Bear" He'll go around saying, where's bear? Bear goes EVERYWHERE with us. People will ask Noah his name and he'll say Bear and hold up his bear. It's so cute. No clue what we'll do when he comes apart from wear...

Oh my gosh it's been forever!

Ok, I'm working on a new post here. Didn't quite realize it had been "that" long. Going through some pictures. I'll apologize now, I will be putting alot of new pics on here. Then maybe I can update more often when I "catch up"