Friday, January 22, 2010

Last one

Ok, here are a few updates of the kids. Andrew now has 4 teeth. He's taking a few steps but nothing major. He's real close to walking, he just really has no desire....He eats ANYTHING you put in front of him, even stuff like cole slaw, etc. He is so sweet and loving. He thinks Noah hung the moon and lights up when he sees him. Wish Noah felt the same..

As far as Noah goes, he is putting together lots of sentences now. He thinks he is grown. He brings us a pot and asks us if we want some soup. His eating habits are horrible. There is very little that kid will eat. He likes to go around saying "I'm mean when he does something bad" we tell him, no be nice, he'll say ok, i'm nice. He is very rough with his brother and has almost knocked his front tooth out a couple of times.

They play really well together most of the time, but it normally ends up with Andrew getting hurt. Noah sleeps with 5 or 6 stuffed animals and 3 blankets. He loves stuffed animals. They all have names and if you mention one, he knows which you are talking about.

Hope you guys enjoyed the updates, sorry for the bombardment!

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AngelGirl said...

i TOTALLY enjoyed the updates!!! the boys are precious!! one day i'll get around to updating MY blog....though, it isn't quite as behind as yours WAS!! ;) luvU