Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3rd and final post for now

Ok, told ya I had a bunch. Noah loves his toy tools he got for Christmas. Here he was helping Brandon put Andrews bed together. What are big brothers for huh? Notice the toy tools and real screws all mixed together. That is what happens. Noah runs off with the screws and we have to get them before he hides them. Hope you all enjoy the pictures. The pictures of him with the dish towels is where he always gets in the bottom drawer of the kitchen. I let him get in that drawer and he loves playing with the kitchen stuff. Will post more of my visit with my brother and his fiance when I have a chance. Love you all

Andrews bed

Ok, so Andrew finally has a bed. I'll spare the long drawn out story, but just know we had to end up buying a new one after the fiasco. Here is a pic of it along with some of Andrew making his cute little O face. His lips are so small they make the perfect little O.

Lots of posts and pics

Ok, so I'm going to catch up a little bit here while I have a spare moment.

My parents came up the weekend of new Years. Here is Noah and my dad. Dad fell asleep with Baby (the dog), Andrew, and I was lucky enough to have my camera near. Noah loves my his paw paw so much!

Mom brought Noah some cowboy boots. See pic. Also....a couple of new pics of Andrew as well. Enjoy

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Quick Post

Just wanted to post a quick note to say we are still alive and kicking over here! Things are much better. I think Noah has hit the terrible twos a little early. Gosh is he ever active. Andrew is a piggie and getting big. I bet he is 7 lbs by now. My brother and his fiance are flying in from Sweden today for a couple of weeks. They will spend time between here and my parents. I'm so excited for them to see the boys. They haven't seen Noah since he was 6 weeks old. Not a good experience for them since he had reflux and cried all the time along with projectile spit up. They have no idea what they are in for this go around. Noah will wear them out! I wish they lived closer so they could see the kids more often. I miss them so much. I'm sure the time will fly while they are here. I cried when he left last time knowing he wouldn't see Noah for over a year. His whole first year of life Tom missed out on except for pics. I'm sure I'll cry this time too because it will be the same way with Andrew. He'll miss his year of milestones too. So I will be sure to take lots of pictures to show the boys so they know their Uncle Tom and Aunt Asa.

Hope you all have a great weekend. I know we will visiting with my little brother who is my best friend.

Love you all,

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Hello to all.

Things are much better around here, still hectic, but better. Not getting alot of sleep, but who expects to with a newborn, right? Noah has been much better to us. He will kiss Andrew and still doesn't really like him too much, BUT...at least he is nicer to me. The best part is, he'll let me hold him now and love on him. He had stopped letting me do that. He has turned into a major mama's boy though. I can't get out of his sight. But at least I think he now realizes we love him just as much as we do Andrew.

My mom left this morning after staying a few days helping me. I sure hated to see her go. She is so wonderful and was so much help. Noah loves her too. She is so good with him. I wish we lived closer to them so we could see them alot more. Time is too precious and they grow so fast.
Hope all is well with each of you. I have lots of new pictures, just no time to resize them to put them on here lately. Will post alot whenever I do get some time.

Love you all,

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Noah likes Andrew after all....

Ok, so we figured out that it isn't Andrew Noah doesn't like, it's US! Brandon and went out to buy a baby bed today, the other one we bought is a disaster story. Mom told us just to go get a new one and bought it for us. Thanks mom. When we put it up, I'll post pics.

So the point of this post...while we were gone on some errands, my parents kept Noah and Andrew. They told us, he never pitched a fit or anything. Kissed Andrew 4 times on his own without them asking, ate for them, even showed Andrew his flashlight he got for Christmas. Ok, now for the kicker, as soon as walked in the door, he started throwing fits, getting grouchy and wouldn't have anything to do with Andrew.

So I guess he just doesn't like us right now. He still won't give me any kisses or anything since we've been home with the baby.

So please continue to pray it gets better, hopefully it's REAL soon since Brandon goes back to work on Monday. Ugh..

Hope everyone had a Happy New Year! Thanks to Chris, Jennifer, Julien, and Addie for coming over the see Andrew and welcome him home and we are thankful we got to see Addie on her 2nd birthday. Jennifer has pictures on her blog. You can see them from the link on here. They are such a great family. We feel blessed they came to visit and couldn't have asked for a better ending to 2008.

Love you all!