Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3rd and final post for now

Ok, told ya I had a bunch. Noah loves his toy tools he got for Christmas. Here he was helping Brandon put Andrews bed together. What are big brothers for huh? Notice the toy tools and real screws all mixed together. That is what happens. Noah runs off with the screws and we have to get them before he hides them. Hope you all enjoy the pictures. The pictures of him with the dish towels is where he always gets in the bottom drawer of the kitchen. I let him get in that drawer and he loves playing with the kitchen stuff. Will post more of my visit with my brother and his fiance when I have a chance. Love you all

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adriane said...

We are so glad you got the card, and congratulations again on your lovely family! We definitely hope we can get to Birmingham soon and let Roxanne meet all of her cousins!