Thursday, January 1, 2009

Noah likes Andrew after all....

Ok, so we figured out that it isn't Andrew Noah doesn't like, it's US! Brandon and went out to buy a baby bed today, the other one we bought is a disaster story. Mom told us just to go get a new one and bought it for us. Thanks mom. When we put it up, I'll post pics.

So the point of this post...while we were gone on some errands, my parents kept Noah and Andrew. They told us, he never pitched a fit or anything. Kissed Andrew 4 times on his own without them asking, ate for them, even showed Andrew his flashlight he got for Christmas. Ok, now for the kicker, as soon as walked in the door, he started throwing fits, getting grouchy and wouldn't have anything to do with Andrew.

So I guess he just doesn't like us right now. He still won't give me any kisses or anything since we've been home with the baby.

So please continue to pray it gets better, hopefully it's REAL soon since Brandon goes back to work on Monday. Ugh..

Hope everyone had a Happy New Year! Thanks to Chris, Jennifer, Julien, and Addie for coming over the see Andrew and welcome him home and we are thankful we got to see Addie on her 2nd birthday. Jennifer has pictures on her blog. You can see them from the link on here. They are such a great family. We feel blessed they came to visit and couldn't have asked for a better ending to 2008.

Love you all!


AngelGirl said...

he's just testing you. just be consistent with him and it will get better. MAC STILL has times when he tests his limits...that doesn't change....noah is just testing to see what he can get away with....hold'll get better! luv u!

twhnfm said...

I also worry about how Christopher will respond to baby Sammy when He arrives. I guess we will have stories to tell. I'm still waitinf for Sammy and getting anxiouse but I know that it's good that he's not early. It's just a pain. LOL!