Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

Hello to all,

We got the best Christmas wish ever. When we went to see Andrew last night on Christmas Eve, he was off all his oxygen, has no IV, no tubes anywhere. He is breathing totally on his own now...AND the best of all, he is taking a bottle all by himself, so no more feeding tubes either! That's what held Noah up the most, he wouldn't take a bottle and kept having little bradycardia (heart rate drops) episodes alot. Andrew has had none of those, plus he is on regular Similac Advance formula and has not spit up once! Most of you know the issues we had with Noah and reflux and the expensive formula Nutramigen, so far so good with Andrew.

Today they are moving him to a regular crib and as long as he keeps progressing, we are hoping by the beginning of next week, he may be home!

We could not have asked for a better present this year. It was kind of sad this morning not having him, but we know he is ok and just needs time to get ready to come home.

Noah had a blast opening his presents. I'll have to post some pictures later.

Here is a pic of Andrew without any tubes on his face. His face is broken out right now from all the tape he had on his face, but should clear up soon.

Love you all and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

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