Monday, December 8, 2008

Just an update!

First of all, let me
thank the moron, who identified himself as "George from Alabaster" who called here at 2:30 AM and woke me up from a deep sleep to tell me he needed a female to talk to. I told him to call someone he knew that I was sleeping, he kept saying "I just need to talk", etc etc. I finally had to hang up on him after telling him I wasn't interested in talking to him. After that, I was completely weirded out and couldn't go back to sleep thinking this guy had my address or something too. I didn't get the feeling he was suicidal or anything or I would have tried to help him probably. I just got the "weird guy" feeling. Anyways, Thanks!

We were really busy this past weekend getting stuff as ready as we can in case Andrew makes his debut on Wednesday. We got a tree put up that we had bought last year since Noah was so small, we didn't want to put up our big nice tree. I have to say, it didn't look quite so little in our townhouse. In our new place, gosh I think our ficus tree is bigger. Noah likes it though and that is really all that matters. We put minimal ornaments on it, since all he will do it try to pull them off anyways. We put up our stockings (all 6 of them) ours, Noah's, Andrew's, and the dogs of course. I'll put a picture up soon, it looks cute.

Anyways, we also got most of Andrew's room cleaned out so we can finish the necessities. All that is left is to put up the bed and get a few small things and pack us a bag for the hospital. Gosh this is all happening so soon! We are still praying they wait until next week to take him instead of this one, but whatever is best for both of us, we will deal with.

Hope you all had a good weekend. We got a sneak peak at a couple of our pictures from a few weeks ago, I'll put one on here for you guys to see. We are so proud of the ones of Noah. We thought it was a total bust, Kim the photographer is just plain amazing. I've been worried for weeks for nothing I suppose. Can't wait to get the others.

Love you all, and thanks for the prayers, will update as soon as I can with news on Andrew.


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