Monday, December 22, 2008

Andrew update

Hello to all,

We got to come home today. We are so tired, you just can't get any rest in the hospital! So we are exhausted! We did get good news this morning. Andrew came off the cpap machine and didn't have to go on a ventilator. Yea!!!!! We actually got to hold him for the first time. He is so tiny! But oh so much hair. He actually has sideburns down to his jaw bone. It's hilarious.

We took a few pictures so you can see his hair better.

Our wonderful neighbors put Christmas lights on our house while we were in the hospital for Noah to enjoy, since he's so in love with anything that lights up. We have been blessed with great neighbors. Another one blew off the leaves from the driveway. They also checked in on my mom regularly while she was here watching Noah and helped her walk the dogs and other stuff. I tell you, God knew where to send us. We look forward to returning the favor in the months and years to follow. As the bible says, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That is such a true verse to live by.

We are hoping Andrew will be home within a week or two. We can't wait to get him home and love on him and watch him grow.

Enjoy the pictures. Love you all,

Terrie, Brandon, Noah, & Andrew

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Jenn said...

What a true blessing!!! God is watching over you. I know you can't wait to have your sweet baby home soon!

Please let me know when I can drop by and bring you something to eat or snacks to take to the hospital, etc...!